About Affiliates

Affiliates provide an important service to Vendors on Covid PPE Online (CPO)!

Why the Affiliate Programme?

Affiliates on CPO that promote the products listed in the online store, present a great benefit to vendors (suppliers) and buyers. Affiliates fulfill the role of a marketing team to vendors, except their services come at no cost to them. They attract vast amounts of traffic to the website that helps broadening our market penetration.

Benefits to Vendors (Sellers)
Affiliates’ marketing and promotions efforts greatly benefit Vendors on our website. It instantly broadens the sellers’ target audience. It rapidly scale up traffic on our website and therefore increase sales tremendously.

Benefits to Buyers
In the current trading environment, buyers have it difficult to find the stock they need. With so many affiliates promoting the products on our website, many buyers are reached and thus give them exposure to products they might have never found.

Benefits to Affiliates
By simply sharing links of products listed in the store, Affiliates can earn commission working from home or wherever they are (on computer or mobile phone), as long as they have an online connection. Anyone can register as an Affiliate on CPO; it requires no special skills or equipment.

Note that Vendors (sellers), who also registered as an affiliate, will NOT earn affiliate commission when purchasing their own products through their own Referral URL (see our Terms and Conditions).

Our Commitment

We are a small, but dedicated team working behind the scenes to provide a pleasant experience for all parties using this platform. Although almost all functionality on this platform run automatically, we are at your service during normal business hours to assist with any issues you may encounter.

Start Selling Now!

Creating your own store and start selling your products is really easy… and quick. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how much control you have over the selling process. Watch our affiliates promoting your products to buyers you may have never reached. Why not try it now?