This Billing Statement (also herein referred to as “Agreement”) is part of the Terms and Conditions for use of (hereinafter referred to as “site” or “website”) owned by I Supply Direct (hereinafter referred to as “ISD”), by Guests, Buyers, Affiliates and Vendors (sellers on the website).

1. Fees and Deductions
Fees and Deductions on transactions apply to buyers (herein referred to as “Buyers” and/or “Bidders”) and sellers (herein referred to as “Vendors”) and Affiliates (when implemented) as applicable under this section.


1.1.1. Product Listing Credit (PLC) – Applies to Vendors Only
In order to list a Store and/or Auction Product a Vendor is normally required to purchase a Product Listing Credit (PLC) at a nominal, fixed once-off fee for each product he/she wants to list, regardless of its price or category. However, ISD now offers PLCs for FREE and Vendors can list as many products as they want – while this offer stands.
When listing a New product from their Dashboard the Vendor will be prompted to purchase a PLC. The Vendor must then proceed (“Buy”) to Checkout and use the following FREE COUPON CODE to “purchase” PLCs: ISD-FREE.
PLCs never expire! Even when the Vendor deletes a product their PLC will remain intact and becomes available for listing another product.
NOTE: When the FREE PLC offer expires and a PLC fee is charged, the fee is non-refundable and may change from time to time at the sole discretion of ISD without any notice. For more information please refer to the Terms and Conditions agreement.
1.1.2. Purchase Fee
Buyers are NOT required to pay any “Purchase Fee” prior to making a purchase of a Store Product or to bid on an Auction Product. However, Buyers are required to register before they can purchase products or bid on an auction – registration is completely FREE.
1.1.3. Featured Listing Fee Vendors can enhance the visibility of their listings on the website by contacting Admin (by email) and request to list a product as Featured. The current Featured Listing Fee is R100 (one hundred rand – excluding VAT) and the Vendor will be invoiced and required to make payment in advance for a listing to be displayed under the Featured Products Page on the website. The duration of a featured listing remains for a period of 30 days from the date of activation, provided that the Vendor keep the product listed. This fee is non-refundable regardless of any sales or in the event of the Vendor removing the product prior to the end of the featured period. The Featured Listing Fee and the standard featured period can be changed at the sole discretion of ISD without notice (except for featured products already paid for).

1.2. ADMIN FEE (AF%) – Applicable to Vendors
ISD do not charge any sales commission on vendor’s product sales, however, we do charge a nominal Administration Fee (per transaction) to maintain this service to our vendors and their valued customers; customer care,  website maintenance, processing withdrawal requests from Vendors, etc. This fee is calculated and applied as follows:

1.2.1. The AF% DOES NOT apply to any payments made by a Buyer directly to a Vendor (ie. Cash On Delivery).
1.2.2. The AF% fee is applicable only to online payments and is calculated at one-and-a-half percent (1.5%) of the Base Order Value of a transaction as explained in 2.2 below.
1.2.3. The AF% fee does NOT apply to any shipping fees (VSF) charged by the Vendor.
1.2.4. This fee is charged (as per 1.2.2) when a willing buyer places an order based on the product listing description on our website and only when a transaction takes affect.

1.3. SERVICE FEE (SF%) – Payment Gateway Fees

1.3.1. The Service Fee is charged to ISD by the online payment gateway facilitator (such as PayFast), which ISD makes available at its sole discretion from time to time, for successful  transactions/payments made by Buyers on this website for a Store/Auction Product purchased through such payment gateway.
1.3.2. The Service Fee is three-and-a-half percent (3.5%) of the Total Order Value (TOV) of a transaction, regardless of the service fee charged to ISD by the payment gateway facilitator (such as PayFast) at the time of the transaction.
1.3.3. The SF% fee is charged when a willing buyer place and order based on the product listing description on our website and where a transaction takes effect through the payment gateway.
1.3.4. This fee does not apply to transactions paid by Direct Bank Deposit or by Cash On Delivery (directly to the Vendor).
1.3.4. The SF% fee is calculated by the system and is automatically allocated/deducted accordingly (see section 2. below).
The SF% is in line with what most payment gateways and Bank Card payment facilities normally charge. The SF% fee is therefore NOT an additional cost to vendors and is NOT applied on top of normal card transactions.


1.4.1. The Affiliate Referral Fee (ARF) is a commission paid to Affiliates for their referrals which results in orders.
1.4.2. The ARF is specified at the Vendor’s sole discretion, in their back-end Dashboard, as a fixed fee or as a percentage of the order amount. It is at the Vendor’s sole discretion if he/she wants to participate in the Affiliate program or not.
1.4.3. The Affiliate Referral Fee is NOT paid by the Buyer, but is calculated by the system according to the Vendor’s Affiliate Referral Fee settings and is automatically disbursed to the Affiliate’s account (deducted from the payment due to the Vendor).

NOTE: The Affiliate program is NOT currently activated on our website, and has no effect at this stage.



Online order payments done through the PayFast payment gateway on our website are channeled to ISD’s PayFast account. In order for Vendors to receive payment for their orders (before they ship any products) they are required to submit a Withdrawal Request from their Dashboard from where they can view their available funds in real time. A Withdrawal Request is a quick and easy process and can be fully automated. There are three MODES for requesting a withdrawal:
i) Manual Withdrawal
ii) Periodic Withdrawal (Scheduled)
iii) By order Status (Processing, On Hold, Completed)
For Vendors who also have a PayFast account, a split payment (to vendor) occur automatically at the time the customer successfully places an order.

For more information on Withdrawal Requests and how it works, please visit Withdrawal Request (Vendors).

2.1. Total Order Value (TOV)

2.1.1. The Total Order Value is the total amount paid by the Buyer and is CREDITED TO A VENDOR’S ACCOUNT, calculated as the product (item) price multiplied by the Minimum Order Quantity (as demanded by the Vendor) OR the Total Quantity of product items purchased by the buyer, including shipping fees (VSF) charged by the Vendor.
2.1.2. The credited Total Order Value can/may be adjusted by ISD according to the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) as listed by the Vendor, even when the Buyer did not actually make payment for the MOQ, subject to ISD be able to obtain such full payment from the Buyer.

2.2. Base Order Value (BOV)
The Base Order Value is the Total Order Value excluding/minus Vendor’s Shipping Fee (VSF) charged by the Vendor – the actual price paid for the product/stock alone (inclusive of VAT – where applicable), as per the listed product description and paid for on this website by a Buyer. Therefore BOV=TOV-VSF.

2.3. Final Payment Value (FPV)
The Final Payment Value per transaction (only when paid by a Buyer through our payment gateway) is the amount that will be transferred/paid to the Vendor by ISD upon a withdrawal request from the Vendor, and is calculated as follows:
FPV = TOV – (TOV x AF% + TOV x SF%).

Let’s illustrate this calculation by the following example:
Let’s assume that;
TOV = R1000
AF% = 1.5%
SF% = 3.5%
Therefore the Final Payment Value to the Vendor is:
FPV = TOV – (TOV x AF% + TOV x SF%)
= R1000 – (R1000 x 1.5% + R1000 x 3.5%)
= R1000 – (R15 + R35)
= R950,00


3. Invoicing

Invoicing of transactions is handled as follows:
3.1. ISD to Vendors: ISD will automatically issue invoices to Vendors for any online orders they place with ISD (ie. for ordering Product Listing Credits – even if it is a R0.00 invoice).
3.2. Vendor specific, automated invoicing is provided for on our website. Buyers can automatically be invoiced for online orders by the relevant Vendor, provided that the Vendor has activated their invoicing function. From their Dashboard the Vendor can set up and configure their own online invoice with their unique company details and logo.
3.3. Vendors and Buyers can view all past transactions (invoices) and the current state of orders by signing into their accounts on our website and visiting the “My account >> Orders” page.


4. Permissions and Instructions

4.1. By listing a product in its store on the ISD website the Vendor give ISD permission to charge/bill/deduct any Admin Fees or amounts owed by the Vendor, including Service Fees as described above, where applicable.
4.2. The Vendor shall change/mark the status of a transactions as “Completed” once the product/service is shipped to the customer. Vendor transaction statuses are automatically syncronised with the ISD admin system.
4.3. The Vendor agrees and give authorisation to ISD to accept and receive payment from Buyers for its products which the Vendor has listed on the website, pursuant to the following:
4.3.1. The Final Payment Value (paragraph 2.3) that become due to the Vendor, shall be paid to the Vendor upon receiving a Withdrawal Request as described in section 2 above. The disbursal of funds can be automated depending on the Withdrawal Request Mode opted by the Vendor, and
4.3.2. CANCELLATION – The Vendor agrees that in the event of the Buyer not being satisfied with the product as listed by the Vendor and wish to cancel the purchase (see section 5), the Vendor cannot reclaim amounts, which have been charged by third-party gateway service providers in terms of this Agreement if such amounts were paid or has to be paid by ISD.
4.3.3. ASSIGNMENT – The Vendor acknowledges and agrees that any payment to the Vendor may not be ceded or assigned to any other third party without the Vendor’s written instruction to ISD and that the Vendor will not delegate any of its obligations in terms of this contract/authority to any third party without prior written consent of ISD.


5. Cancellations and refunds on cancellations (including SNC’s – Sale Not Completed)

You (Buyer) are entitled to cancel your order and request a refund subject to the Cancellation/Refund/Exchange Policies listed on our website for each product/service.

5.1. Cancellations are subject, but not limited to the following conditions (refer to Cancellation/Refund/Exchange Policies listed on our website for each product/service)
An Order/purchase by a Buyer may be cancelled under the following circumstances and by the sole discretion of ISD:

5.1.1. Sale Not Completed (ie. buyer did not make payment) When a Buyer opted to pay by Direct Bank Deposit and the payment is not done within 48 hours. When the Buyer’s payment fails for whatever reason or is reversed by the financial services provider who processed the payment. When a Buyer is the winner of an auction and cannot be reached and/or do not make payment.
5.1.2. The Buyer has not responded to any attempts to contact them during a period of 2 days after the end of the Auction, Buy It Now (BIN) and as a result the sale cannot be concluded.
5.1.3. The Buyer refuse to issue a written instruction to ISD to release payment to the Vendor and wish to cancel the order/purchase for any reasonable cause subject to being accepted/approved by ISD in its sole discretion, such as (but not limited to); The product or the full quantity of product as purchased cannot be supplied by the Vendor and the Buyer will not agree to a postponed delivery date, and/or The quality or specifications of the product is not as described in the Vendor’s product listing, and/or The product is damaged in any way and is not acceptable to the Buyer, and/or The Vendor is not able or refuse to fulfill its obligations with regards to shipping as indicated in the product listing.
5.1.4. The actual purchase price paid is lower than the price as determined in the order and is not acceptable to ISD or the vendor.
5.1.5. Any situation where, in the sole discretion of ISD, the Vendor or the Buyer give cause for the transaction not to be concluded.

5.2. Refunds are subject, but not limited to the following conditions (refer to Cancellation/Refund/Exchange Policies listed on our website for each product/service)

5.2.1. Refunds to Buyers will be done by ISD or the Vendor (whichever applicable) subject to the reason of cancellation as listed under paragraphs 5.1.3. through to 5.1.5. and shall be granted only prior to the Buyer has taken delivery or collected the items that was purchased from the Vendor.
5.2.2. The Vendor agrees that it shall be liable and pay for any Service Fee charged by financial service providers (including online payment gateways) in the event of a refund to the Buyer being granted by ISD under paragraph 5.2.1.
5.2.3. The Vendor agrees and undertakes to make refunds directly to the Buyer for reasons listed under section 5.2.4 below, and indemnify ISD from any liabilities and shall not involve ISD in any way whatsoever.
5.2.4. The Vendor will be responsible/liable for any refunds to Buyers in the following events: When the Buyer has taken delivery of or collected the product and then afterwards wants to return it to the Vendor due to it being defective or is not to the Buyer’s satisfaction for whatever reason subject to the reasonable Return/Refund Policy of the Vendor, and/or When a Buyer returns a product due to damages during shipping, and/or When the product is for whatsoever reason not delivered to the Buyer.
5.2.5. ISD is under no obligation to refund the Vendor for Admin Fees or any other fees deducted from the Total Oder Value in the event where the Vendor is obligated to refund the Buyer as agreed under this paragraph 5.2.4.
5.2.6. In the event of any refund granted or approved, it shall be processed and paid in a reasonable time frame not exceeding 7 working days.


6. Shop on Credit: Mobicred Payment Option

Mobicred is a simple and convenient online credit payment facility that allows buyers to shop on ISD and repay the amount over 12 months.
Payments made by buyers using Mobicred will work the same as any other payment option on ISD.

6.1. Sellers
A seller must ship/send the product once full payment has been made by a buyer.
6.2. Buyers
Buyers can choose to pay with mobicred for products that have mobicred as a payment option.

6.3. How it works step by step

    1. Check that the item you wish to buy has Mobicred as a payment option. This will be indicated below the price in the listing.
    2. Apply for a Mobicred account.
    3. You will be redirected to the Mobicred website to complete the quick application. Depending on your credit application with Mobicred, you could have up to R35,000 to spend on ISD.
    4. Return to ISD once your application has been approved. Proceed through the checkout as you would for any other item. At checkout, select PayFast > Pay using Mobicred option.
    5. You will be prompted to enter your login details for Mobicred. Once you click on Pay with Mobicred, the transaction process will start.
    6. An OTP (one time pin) will be sent to your mobile device to confirm the transaction. Enter this verification code in the window provided.
    7. Mobicred will let you know whether or not your Mobicred payment has been successful.
    8. You will receive an SMS notification and an email confirming the transaction details from Mobicred. Furthermore, Mobicred will provide you with a balance of credit you have available via SMS.

6.4.Partial payments
You can partially pay for products using Mobicred and pay the balance using any of the other ISD payment options. For further details on your Mobicred account you can login to your Mobicred account.
Should you have any queries, please contact Mobicred via email: or call on 08600MCRED(62733).


7. Fraudulent or Invalid Claims

7.1 If ISD, in its sole discretion, finds that a Buyer or Vendor files an invalid or fraudulent SNC (Sale Not Completed) or cancellation claim in order to circumvent ISD or for whatsoever reason, ISD reserve the right to immediately suspend, disable the Buyer and/or Vendor account and remove the ability to access or trade on the ISD platform.
7.2 In addition to paragraph 6.1, ISD reserve the right to claim damages incurred of any nature due to such invalid or fraudulent claim, including (but not limited to) any loss of potential income that may have been derived from a transaction.


8. Arbitration

Any dispute relating in any way to this Agreement (including any actual or alleged breach hereof), any transactions or activities under this Agreement or your relationship with ISD or any of our users shall be submitted to confidential arbitration, except that, to the extent you have in any manner violated or threatened to violate our intellectual property rights, we may seek injunctive or other appropriate relief in any magistrate court in the Republic of South Africa (and you consent to non-exclusive jurisdiction and venue in such courts) or any other court of competent jurisdiction. Arbitration under this agreement shall be conducted under the rules then prevailing of the Association of Arbitrators (South Africa) . The arbitrator’s award shall be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no arbitration under this Agreement shall be joined to an arbitration involving any other party subject to this Agreement, whether through class arbitration proceedings or otherwise.


9. Miscellaneous

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa, without reference to rules governing choice of laws. You may not assign this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without our prior written consent. Subject to that restriction, this Agreement will be binding on, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns. Our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement.


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