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  • Brewtool Coffee Grinder Hand black Gater

    Ideal for Travel or camping Material: Glass, Plastic, Ceramic Burr, Stainless SteelFeatures conical ceramic burrs. Second glass container for easy storageGrind setting is easily adjustable.Dishwasher safe, 100gr at a time, grinder blades replacable.

    R479.00 (Including VAT)
  • Brewtool Coffee Scale Mini 0.1g (5)

    mini compact scale

    R308.00 (Including VAT)
  • Brewtool Macaroon Distributor

    The distributor features three angled slopes that efficiently, evenly and consistently move the coffee around in a circular motion to create an even puck. The Distributor even suits those using very low doses or larger baskets and can be adjusted to suit a range of doses, depending on specific roasting styles. Less micro-channeling and channeling, improper or rushed distribution, is more likely to channel which can be disastrous to taste. Micro-channeling is also difficult to see at times and is more likely to happen with no distribution or inconsistent distribution – the Distributor will remove this variable.

    R639.00 (Including VAT)
  • Caffitaly Capsule Stand

    Takes 32 Capsules

    R463.00 (Including VAT)
  • Belgium Hot Chocolate

    Our dark hot chocolate does not only give you the cuddle in a mug feeling but also has our unique milk creamer and sweetener ingredient combination, making our hot chocolate easy and great tasting. Can be used in instant form and/or through our coffee vending machines. 20-25g per portion

    Diamonds are a girls best friend … let them try our hot chocolate first!

    R42.00 (Including VAT)
  • Caffitally Capsules

    R79.00R89.00 (Including VAT)
  • Dilmah Earl Grey 25x2g

    A rich and strong tea that presents a varied bouquet of flavours and aromas
    R61.67 (Including VAT)
  • Dilmah English Breakfast 25x2g

    The essence of Ceylon, a strong tea with a gentleness
    R61.67 (Including VAT)

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