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Ons bied veskeie betaalopsies | We offer various payment options

Verbruikers hou van KEUSE as dit kom by betaalopsies – en as ‘n geverifieerde PayFast handelaar bied ISD Suid-Afrika se mees veilige en gewildste betaalopsies

. So maak ons seker kopers (en alle verkopers) op ons webtuiste ervaar ‘n aangename en vinnige betaal proses. Bo en behalwe kredietkaart opsies is daar ook ander krediet-betaalopsies beskikbaar soos mobicred en MoreTyme. Dan is daar natuurlik ook die Kontant By Aflewering (KBA) betaalopsies. Sien meer besonderhede oor al u opsies hier onder.

When it comes to payment options consumers love choice – and as a verified PayFast m

erchant, ISD offers buyers South Africa’s most secure and favourite payment options. That way we ensure buyers (and all vendors) on our website experience a secure and pleasant payment process. Apart from Credit Card credit options there are also other easy credit payment options through mobicred and MoreTyme. Then there is also the Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) option. Find more details about all your options below.

About Payment Options

Credit & Cheque Cards
Credit & Cheque Cards

Visa, Mastercard credit cards are the most popular and trusted online payment methods around the world.

Instant EFT

Instant EFT by PayFast allows online shoppers with access to internet banking to make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) that gets instantly verified.

Supported Banks:

Credit & Cheque Cards

Debit cards issued by Maestro and Visa Electron are still popular among many South African shoppers, and can be used to make online purchases.


Mobicred is an online account that gives buyers access to credit, which they can use to pay you online through PayFast.

Pay Later

MoreTyme is a flexible payment method from TymeBank that allows online shoppers to buy now and pay in full later.


Masterpass is a digital wallet from Mastercard that enables online shoppers to quickly and securely check out and make online payments.


SnapScan is one of South Africa’s first ‘scan to pay’ contactless payment apps that makes it easy and safe to pay and receive payments online.


SCode is a payment platform that allows shoppers to pay for their online purchases in-store at one of more than 6,000 retail outlets across South Africa.

Local Pickup

Cash On Delivery is a payment method that customers can choose on check out and then arrange with sellers directly for delivery and payment. The local ISD Pickup Depots serve as safe locations for COD transactions.

About VAT

Product prices as seen on this website are inclusive of Vat unless otherwise indicated. When listing their products, vendors can choose whether a product price is VAT inclusive or not. Issuing VAT invoices for product purchases are the responsibility of the respective sellers (vendors).

Transaction Processing

Paying For Products

When a buyer checks out to pay for a product (tangeble, downloadable or virtual), they are directed to the shopping cart where they have different options of how they want to pay: PayFast, Yoco, Direct Bank Transfer or Cash On Delivery (COD). PayFast and Yoco provide for EFT and Credit Card payments.

On successful payment, both the buyer and vendor are notified by automated email that the transaction took place (an Order). The buyer and seller can communicate directly with each other (their contact details appear in the respective email notifications) and make further arrangements for shipping or delivery as required. Transaction details are available in both the buyer’s and vendor’s respective Dashboards, showing the status of transactions (ie. On Hold, Processing, Cancelled, Completed, Refunded, etc).

For more information please consult our Billing Statement.


When listing a product, vendors provide their shipping policy and any additional cost. The shipping cost, if any, is automatically added to the product price in the shopping cart.

The shipping policy and shipping cost of a product can be managed/changed by the vendor at any time, which becomes immediately effective. The vendor can apply a “global” shipping policy and cost that apply to all products, or override the “global” setting by adding shipping information for any single product individually.

(Note: No Admin Fee is charged on the vendor’s Shipping Fee.) In some cases, the Vendor may not want to add a shipping fee while listing a product, but rather publish a shipping notification to buyers to inform them of shipping arrangements (ie. “Shipping cost to be arranged with the buyer.”). Shipping may then be arranged between the buyer and seller once they get in contact with each other.


The seller (vendor) issues the buyer with an invoice for the full purchase price, shipping fees included (if any).

Invoicing and the calculation of the Final Payment Value is more broadly explained in section 3 in the Billing Statement.


A single product listing attracts a Listing Fee of R195 (excl. Vat), payable by the vendor at the time of listing the product. Such product remains in the vendor’s store for as long as the vendor wants to keep it there – even if it is not published (unpublished), republishing a product does NOT attract any additional fee.

We do not charge commission on product sales. However, when buyers use any of the online payment methods, an Admin Fee of five percent (5%) of the total transaction amount is charged. This fee INCLUDES the payment gateway charges (as mentioned above) and are are deducted from the Total Order Value (amount) paid by the buyer when ISD releases funds to the vendor (seller). More about this in the Billing Statement.

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