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  • Fulvic Excel Healing Capsules

    Activates and energizes nearly every biological process in the body, helping cells remain active in the face of damage caused by stress, an unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep, and oxidative damage. Improves your body’s ability to make use of the other nutrients. Slows down the aging process. Creates an alkalizing environment, boosts metabolism, supports the immune & digestive systems. It improves brain function, memory and mood. Excellent for arthritic degeneration.

  • Fulvic Renew Gelatine Capsules

    This fuel for the cell has anti-aging, cellular regenerative and detox properties to clean, balance and heal the body while creating an alkalizing environment. Used to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, regulate the immune system and hormone systems. Relieve gut and digestive tract disorders. Anti-cancer therapy. Support immunity as a powerful anti-viral. Improve hormone and thyroid balance. Reduce chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance issues and nutrient deficiencies. Improved brain and memory health, and mood. Reduce migraine and anxiety attacks. Reduce oxidative stress. Improved sinus reaction and sleep, and reduce hay fever. Excellent for cancer, diabetes and metabolic disease.