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  • Fulvic Excel Healing Capsules

    Activates and energizes nearly every biological process in the body, helping cells remain active in the face of damage caused by stress, an unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep, and oxidative damage. Improves your body’s ability to make use of the other nutrients. Slows down the aging process. Creates an alkalizing environment, boosts metabolism, supports the immune & digestive systems. It improves brain function, memory and mood. Excellent for arthritic degeneration.

  • Fulvic Excel Joint and Bone

    FULVIC EXCEL™ is a feed-additive preparation which assists with the performance of horses by improving the absorption and assimilation of nutrients from feed. Assists with satisfying nutritional needs as an all in one product supporting digestion and immunity while improving bone and joint health, tendon and ligament strength, recovery as the ultimate nutrient booster with benefits for energy, muscle adaptation with reduced lactic acid build up and oxygenation, alkalinity and toxin removal.