Withdrawal Requests

Explaining The Vendor's Withdrawal Request

1. Withdrawal Request Process

Funds disbursal (Vendor Payment) is one of the most important features on any multi-vendor platform and ISD disburse funds to Vendors by a Withdrawal Request system whereby vendors request payment and Admin then process the funds accordingly – either automatically or manually. This quick and easy process can be automated in various ways.

2.Withdrawal Modes

The ISD platform provides flexible MODES for withdrawal and serves as the most important criteria for withdrawal disbursal. The following modes are available to Vendors:

i) Manual Withdrawal
ii) Periodic Withdrawal
iii) By order Status
iv) Split Payment (by PayFast)

Admin can select the global mode from the drop-down available here: ISD Admin Dashboard >> Settings >> Withdrawal settings.

2.1. Manual Withdrawal

This setting allows the vendor to withdraw the amount manually, i.e the vendor will submit a withdrawal request, upon receiving the request Admin approve and confirms the disbursal of the funds. Additionally, Admin can select which order statuses are allowed for claiming the withdrawal request from here: ISD Admin Dashboard>> Settings>> Withdrawal settings

Here’s how the manual process works:

Step 1: Upon receiving an order the Vendor gets the listing in their Orders tab, and from here they can check which orders are still unpaid by Admin.

Step 2: The Vendor can manually claim a withdrawal by clicking on the “Withdrawal” button from the Payments section here: Vendor Dashboard >> Payments

Upon clicking the Withdrawal button, the vendor will see all “Pending Withdrawal” orders. By selecting a pending orders (or all) and then Clicking the “Request” button, the Vendor can submit a request to avail their earnings.

Once the request is submitted, Admin gets the notification of the request and will continue to process the payments.

Step 3: Admin can view all Withdrawal Request from vendors here: ISD Admin Dashboard >> Withdrawals.  From here Admin will be able to ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ the withdrawal request sent by the Vendor and also add a note along with their action.


2.2. Periodic Withdrawal Request

This Admin setting will ensure that the funds are disbursed periodically. Admin can schedule the payment disbursal by “Schedule interval” such as every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days etc from the dropdown.

Similar to manual withdrawal, Admin can select the order statues which are to be permitted for withdrawals by the Vendors as well from the options here:

However, the entire process for Periodic Withdrawals is automated and the payments are disbursed to the Vendors as per the timed schedule.

2.3. Withdrawal by Order Status

This option allows Admin to set which order statuses will be allowed for withdrawal requests. Admin will be able to select order statuses from an available drop-down menu here:

Upon selection, the amount for orders which are under the permitted status will be disbursed automatically to the Vendors.

3. Withdrawal Approval

The withdrawal requests submitted by Vendors can be approved by Admin either automatically or manually.

a. Request Auto Approve: Checking this option will automatically disburse payments to vendors on request. Auto disbursement only works for auto-payment gateways, in ISD’s case – PayFast.

b.Manual approval process: Admin can approve the withdrawal request manually from the following section here: ISD Admin Dashboard>>Withdrawal

Admin has to select the withdrawal request from the table and can “Approve” or “Reject” these requests manually.


4. Withdrawal Threshold

Admin can setup the withdrawal conditions from Withdrawal settings tab in the ISD Admin Dashboard. They will be able to set the minimum balance required for the Vendor to submit a Withdrawal Request from the Minimum Withdraw Limit option here:

Additionally, Admin can set the minimum amount of days required to apply for a withdrawal request after the order has been placed, from the  “Withdrawal Threshold” option provided. If the Vendor does not have a PayFast account to immediately receive PayFast split payments – this setting will be set to 2 days as PayFast does not allow withdrawal of funds within 2 days from the actual order date. This does not make any difference to PayFast account holders, because the same PayFast rule applies to their account anyway.

4.1.Withdrawal Vendor Setting

In addition to the withdrawal options provided globally ( i.e which affects all vendors on the site) Admin can specifically apply withdrawal rules for individual vendors.

To apply withdrawal rules to a specific Vendor, one has to configure the settings from here: ISD Admin Dashboard >> Vendor >> Manage vendor  >> Commission and Withdrawal settings.


5. Withdrawal Requests Tickets (Queries)

Requests for withdrawals is a core process of the withdrawal module and Vendors can seamlessly submit request tickets (queries) to Admin their Vendor Dashboard. Both Admin and Vendors can manage these Tickets from a separate section and track them accordingly. This is done very much in the same manner as a normal Withdrawal Request.


5.1.  Withdrawal Requests – Vendor

Vendors are able to check their pending withdrawal amount and claim them by clicking on the withdrawal button here: Vendor Dashboard >> Payments>> withdrawal 

On clicking the “withdrawal” button vendor will be redirected to the Withdrawal request page shown below and select the orders for which they want to claim the amount.

Once the “Request” button is clicked, Admin gets notified about the claim and can either approve or reject the request.

5.2.  Withdrawal Requests – Admin

Admin can view and manage the withdrawal requests submitted by Vendors from the following tab: ISD Admin Dashboard >> Withdrawal

From the above section, Admin can approve or reject the request sent by a Vendor and can also add a note for the vendors provided below:

6.  Withdrawal – Transactions

Vendors can view all their transactions in their account from the following page here: Vendor Dashboard >> Payments. The details of the transactions like invoice Id, order Id, amount, charges, payment amount, mode of transaction can be viewed from this table here:


6.1.  Transaction Invoice

Vendor can download their transaction invoices by clicking on the pdf icon from the Payments page of their ISD Vendor Dashboard.